zzstats: top posts in 2008

Sonic Border/ Sonic Diaspora/Beyond Text 619
Cookbook DIY video 561
Downloadable Texts 552
Cross Border 426
neighbours are there for each other 420
Grand, just Grand. 409
resonance beyond text 401
photogenic coppers in Malaysia Scandal 372
xAttack the headquarters 368
Nepal turning red via ballots not bullet 294
Books 267
A Radical Education. 243
Snowy Mountains Scheme 223
photogenic coppers in Malaysia Scandal 222
Bathtime. 219
Border Patrols 216
The Society of Dissonance 210
Žižek sets his own curfews. 209
Russell Brand’s Elegantly Addled Drug Ca 205
Imogen Bunting 202
Trinketization before the letter (vignet 198
translation slippage 198
Mind Boggling Trinketization 197
Critique of Exotica 196
Inaugural – Tues Sept 30th, 5.30pm IGLT 195
University Out Of Focus 193
Manifesto for Thought-crimes. 191
Critique of Exotica 191
Dragnet Goldsmiths 177
Text message: what does Marx have to say 176

2 Responses to zzstats: top posts in 2008

  1. john hutnyk says:

    Those above are the most single viewed posts for the past 11 months. perhaps more interesting (not very) are the least viewed posts, which are these:

    BSG Razor 2
    Kon Ichikawa 2
    Tickets Please 2
    Razor-wire Imperialism 2
    Amitava Kumar writes again 2
    Derrida’s Lumps 2
    SOUTH LONDON PACIFIC Tiki Lounge Cocktai 2
    In beer Mat Veritas Us 2
    Gagarin grooves

    And the top search terms, over the past year, that led people here are also strange. Possums as number one. Really??

    possums 1,127
    laika 1,082
    burt lancaster 777
    american psycho 742
    deborah kerr 686
    john hutnyk 667
    bees 591
    tube zoo 435
    trinketization 368
    risk game map 327
    risk game 289
    metropolis 246
    kufiya 182
    vera lynn 169
    risk map 98
    imogen bunting 95
    diary writing 59

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