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Notes for lecture one: How to start reading that rich book that is Marx’s Capital, of which an immense, even monstrous, accumulation of commentary on the Marxist mode of literary production appears to have already shaped its elementary forms? For … Continue reading

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So, the trite thing to ask is ‘What would Benjamin have to say about the Boxing Day sales?’ If you think that the Arcades equation goes: Capitalism > Paris > Arcades > Flaneur > Snowdome then you have probably missed … Continue reading

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uses of trinketization

Various posts from the interwebtoday using the term trinketization (I claim no copyrite): From Maverick Kansas: “So I’m part New Yorker, so what? But that’s not the end of the story, not by a long shot, because it’s a part … Continue reading

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Coleridge invents trinketization

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was ahead of the game in so many ways.  His other work is of course crucial, stuff about an albatross, and the opening sequence to the newsreel section of Citizen Kane. A massive influence and to be … Continue reading

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Any similarity of this pic to persons living or dead, or having been in a band variously called “Stomp Stomp Wild Dance Crazy Turkey”; “The Thirteenth Battalion of Mind Raiders”; “Uncle Salty” or “Hoax” – or having a son named Emile … Continue reading

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Google clouded my book

Accursed Share Adorno Althusser analysis anthropology anti-capitalism archive bad Marxism Bataille Bataille’s Bhabha called capital capitalistchapattis circulationCollege of Sociology colonial commodity communism communist contemporary context critical critique cultural studies debate debt Derrida and Sprinkler dialectical discussion displacement economic Empire engagement … Continue reading

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What is Trinketization

For an explanation of Trinketization – never fully codified as yet – you might start with the following old posts: Mind Boggling Before the Letter Jesus Trinkets Plastic Stuff Kane’s Snowglobe Kuffiya Spotting Third World Tourism Communist Tat Vignettes And … Continue reading

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