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Text for Sokari

Sokari Douglas Camp I am honoured to introduce this collection by Sokari Douglas Camp. Sokari’s sculptural works – made in metal but moving fabric – are like an analytical textbook that deals with contemporary issues while also offering a passionate … Continue reading

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Lenin on Writing

I am against non-partisan writing, and, not altogether randomly, want to refer to Lenin to support this, where he writes: “Down with non-partisan writers. Down with literary supermen. Literature must become part of the common cause of the proletariat” (Lenin … Continue reading

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Marx on Writing

Marx, writing on the Paris Commune, singled out the writings of academic ‘gentlemen’: the working class can afford to smile at the course invective of the gentlemen’s gentlemen with the pen and inkhorn, and at the didactic patronage of well-wishing … Continue reading

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Mao on writing

In  1942 Mao Tse Tung addressed a Yenan meeting on the topic of ‘Stereotyped Party Writing’ and the role of writing within revolutionary activity. Developing an earlier essay on the Party’s style of work, he presented eight points of criticism … Continue reading

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On Burning Books

Topical this week, but its always been true that the way the pages crumple one by one as they burn is strangely fascinating…. Via the link is a chapter length text I wrote some time ago (currently under consideration for … Continue reading

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11 theses on art and politics #8 & #9

8. The cartoon is contained in the frame, and can safely say so much more because of that protection. Oftentimes what is illustrated in art and comedy can be far more critical than the editorials or headline ‘breaking news’. But … Continue reading

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Downloadable Texts

pdfs of articles by John Hutnyk here: – an article on Asian Communists in the UK from Social Identities ; a piece on Fun*Da*Mental from South Asian Popular Culture; The Chapatti Story from Contemporary South Asia; The Politics of Cats from Stimulus Respond; Culture from Theory … Continue reading

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