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pap (D&G papparazzi)

I was complaining to one of our brilliant students the other day that there was, at Goldsmiths, something of a viral effect of reading Deleuze and Guattari for the first time and deploying their work uncritically. Against the charge that … Continue reading

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We will

I’m corresponding with a certain Jen O about her prospective PhD here: Her day job in marketing reminded me of an anecdote I’ve been meaning to post: There once was was a workshop once that was run by our marketing/consultancy … Continue reading

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resonance beyond text

Julian and I are clearly going mad. We sit in the pub after work for a pint and instead of watching football or something normal, we plan a response to the new Arts and Humanities Research Council plan to fund … Continue reading

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Mind Boggling Trinketization

Very occasionally (why?) I feel the need to restate why it is that I use the word trinketization to refer both to the dessication of all life to mere commodities, and as a word for a critique of the poverty … Continue reading

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Art in the Right Place?

This piece was written by Roh and published in the journal Left Curve Number 29, pages 120-121, 2005 Art in the Right Place? Rosie Wright ‘The conquest of the earth, which mostly means taking it away from those who have … Continue reading

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translation slippage

“I am first of all against translation as it is mad, its impossible, it cannot ever be true to origins, its a kind of violence, it is always political, it transforms, it is creative, it is heroic to try, it … Continue reading

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Trinketization: ‘Third World Tourism’ and the manufacture ofthe Exotic

I am sort of stuck in my room. Somewhat foolishly perhaps, I agreed to write an entry on Exotica and Tourism for Jonathan Gray’s encyclopedia (getting so there are too many such things about) and I agreed to a deadline … Continue reading

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