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Shimla – July 14-15 2009

An abstract for a talk at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, ‘Television in India’ conference –  July 14-15 2009 – Shimla News Media or Politics Show: Terror Reporting and the Box. If a regional encounter with the apparatus of … Continue reading

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Celebrity Hijack

If you are gonna play the outrage game, play it all the way – a comment on the take-no-prisoners turn in televisual terror. The ever admirable Phil over at ‘a very public sociologist’ has a fine post about the new … Continue reading

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For a long time I have wanted to pay homage to the character played by Roshan Seth in “My Beautiful Laundrette”, a Stephen Frears film, written by Hanif Kureshi. Despite some problems with the film itself – ‘we did not … Continue reading

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Poignancy in Space

This post from Anti-Popper is brought forward to here to inaugurate a new series of ‘posts from the past’ – historical division – sci fi. Heh heh. The humanity of Adama and Jameson – is doggited. “Saturday 16 December 2006 … Continue reading

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Comedy Terrors

Working out a new angle for a paper for Germany. Feeling like I need to do something with a few laughs. Hence, this opening… A new figure of fun in British media has an ominous underside, and yet on reflection … Continue reading

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The Hanging Channel

On friday we have a protest meeting about the Afzal Guru lynching planned in India. Many are disturbed by the trial in which a Kashmiri man, picked up after an attack by some ‘miscreants’ on parliament, was allegedly tortured into … Continue reading

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Celebrities and heroes

Homesickness is hard to sustain when things seem to lurch still further towards cultural doom. This little photogenic scenario did it for me this morning: – a post by Ange from Melbourne where the state watches a little too closely. … Continue reading

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