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National Instruments

On the initiative of Moinak Biswas, Film Studies Jadavpur Uni, Kolkata, and with great input from Rosalind Morris, but initially inspired by the Preservation in Globalization workshop convened by Gayatri Spivak and Jorge Otero-Pailos, an interesting redevelopment seems possible. A disused factory site adjacent … Continue reading

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fragment on machines

A note to keep for later: our argument evaluates the idea that machines for generating meaning can be examined as rendering text or as points of access to a world beyond or before rendering. Placing a hand on the cave wall at … Continue reading

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Dead technology

We’ve been trying for nearly three months to get the Reprographics section of Goldsmiths to remove a huge outmoded (and non-functioning) Xerox™ machine from the middle of our main office in CCS. Literally dozens of emails, visits, imploring calls and … Continue reading

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Ubiquitous Media

The conference theme (TCS 25th anniversary meet at Todai U Tokyo) has set loose a plague whose epidemiology can only be described as the onset of a ‘digital Adorno’ virus (I adapt this from Anthony King – I see Adorno … Continue reading

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Snd-ctrl 1995 – more from the vault

The Revolutionary Structure of Sound: experimental musings. Most popular music could hardly be described as revolutionary in the old (and still urgent) sense, yet to dismiss musical production and its associated pleasures as irrelevant to revolution would make for exceedingly … Continue reading

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Heidegger technology Stiegler draft…

Tried once again to crack the Heidegger essay on technology (first attempts were for UTS’s Vertigo and then for Sophie Watson’s “Postmodern Cities” conference, but that was aeons ago – circa 1991, then again in Rumour of Calcutta). This version … Continue reading

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The Future is Going to Come True

Diddling away at an article for a special volume on the future, I was pleased to find some provocations in the work of Bernard Stiegler. Somewhat philosophical, but highly relevant (if we can make such distinctions)… We should probably, some … Continue reading

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