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Free Gaza

Any surprise that Israeli commandos might ‘botch’ a raid on the boats of the Free Gaza flotilla should be tempered by the recognition that they planned this provocation, at night, with guns. In response, a new Dunkirk? Another Malta convoy? … Continue reading

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You Voted For Wider Streets.

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note to howard p

Do you know Joel Kovel’s wonderful book ‘Red Hunting in the Promised Land’? Excellent if you are writing on anti-red hysteria. Kovel was recently forced out of his job at Bard for writing a book on Israel/Palestine as single state. … Continue reading

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Herbert Marcuse

Am reading “The Frankfurt School in Exile”, by Thomas Wheatland. Which has reminded me how much Marcuse’s “One Dimensional Man” was touted by my politics tutor when I was in second year of uni. I didn’t find many things in … Continue reading

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11 theses on art and politics #4

4. There is good reason to consider the art object in the widest sense, as a mode of containment. This is true if we are talking of a literary work, graffiti on a wall, or a state monument – each … Continue reading

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Direct Action Graeber

I am reading David Graeber’s big fat tome “Direct Action: An Ethnography” and, so far so good, up to page 317 [which looks like more than half way – its big]. I have really enjoyed the diary parts of it, … Continue reading

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The theoretical framework.

Prank, trick, fool, contrive, coquette, flirt, dodge, incite, bewitch, plot, conspire, deceive, trump, strategy, tactic, scheme, racket, intrigue, spin, frame, brew, plan, act, stage – the pantomime of politics, the theatre of power, the double-plays of deception. There is something … Continue reading

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