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Free Gaza

Any surprise that Israeli commandos might ‘botch’ a raid on the boats of the Free Gaza flotilla should be tempered by the recognition that they planned this provocation, at night, with guns. In response, a new Dunkirk? Another Malta convoy? … Continue reading

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Struggle for Justice is necessary. Free Gaza by whatever means. This time by donation.

[Readers will know I do not endorse charity giving – see Rumour – but note the distinction between buying a boat for the Free Gaza movement and other good causes. This one must float. Lets buy a boat, ahoy]. AN … Continue reading

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Alongside Barbara Stanwyck, my other fave mainstream movie star is Burt Lancaster (and though the woman on the beach in this still is, if you did not know, Deborah Kerr, Stanwyck and Lancaster teamed up together in “Sorry, Wrong Number” … Continue reading

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Manifesto for Thought-crimes.

Be ‘a’ creative, facilitate, synergize, even for autonomy, for enhancement capability, for institutionalization. They say everything is new, (out with the old) but everything is contract (same old same old) Be energized, Optimism of the will, post-humanize, Ontologize! White noise. … Continue reading

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yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

So I searched out the lyrics of this song that I wanted to use as a send off for a pirate mate (gone sailing someplace) and I am somewhat astonished at the lyrics – the bit about the captains daughter … Continue reading

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Paul Hendrich

I can’t reconcile this at all – impossible and horrible that we (all crushed) have lost another great comrade. I can’t see how he had the time, but Paul was often a commentator on this blog. But importantly – among … Continue reading

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Floating Prisons

This post from Subtopia is the sort of thing that puts blog-diary-experiment-notes like mine to shame. Even as I feel I need to skip over the authors first paragraph of self-deprecations (sorry) I find this really really useful. Sure, I … Continue reading

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