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Sagarmatha (सगरमाथा)

Nepal election count as of 16 April 2008: Parties Seats won CPN (Maoists) 119 Nepali Congress 33 CPN (UML) 30 MJF 23 TMDP 7 NWPP 2 Janamorcha 1 Sadhbhawana (Mahato) 3 Independent 2 These results were taken from here And … Continue reading

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Nepal turning red via ballots not bullets?

Comrade Prachanda addressing a mass rally in Backtapur, outside Kathmandu, on March 12. Nepal’s general election is on 10th of April and is more important than the cobra-mongoose death embrace that is the election most people seem presently obsessed about … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Tourism Tuesday 10 April 07

I prepared these notes on the plane back from Hong Kong for a talk in the afternoon yesterday – went well, though it got a bit ropey towards the end (I blame the jet lag – arrived Heathrow Tuesday 5.40am, … Continue reading

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Trinket Exit Strategy of our Press

Something from the newspaper yesterday which confirms all I was saying about Nepal – on the very day the Maoists declared a three month cease fire, all The Guardian saw fit to publish was just half the face of this … Continue reading

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The double visage.

notes towards the end of the Nepal text for Canada…. My beef with the travel story version of Nepal is that here South Asia appears on the world screen most often as a ‘realist’, but usually tragic, news item. Images … Continue reading

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Revolutionary tourism

Revolutionary tourism (notes for article for a Canadian magazine). I am watching television and Nepal is on screen. It is unusual to see anything other than documentary curios from the land locked Himalayan kingdom, but this week the place is … Continue reading

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Nepal: Palin, docos, TV, WTW, Campbell and Karki

Just some stuff I want to remember for a lecture on television and Nepal: 1. There is (is there?) an antidote to Michael Palin and his [I know everyone won’ty agree] anodyne stumble-bumbling travel t(r)ips: ‘Film South Asia is a … Continue reading

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