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The actuality of Lenin and a Primer on the Leninist Party

Two recent posts by Jodi on Lukacs and Lenin: October 11, 2010 The actuality of revolution A central idea in Lukacs’s Lenin is that the leninist party presupposes the actuality of revolution. In this and upcoming posts, I hope to think … Continue reading

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Note for the preservation workshop NYC

Globalization and preservation: two abstract and abstracting processes that oftentimes are critiqued as a perspective that leaves out people, lived experience, specificity, the street, the intangible and heterotopic flux. A google earth view of the world chimes well with an … Continue reading

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This lovely sepia toned arch-ive pic-ture is from the very fine, super reg-ular, eleg-ant and who-lly inimitable Transpontine blog. If you do not read it you should, and be impressed by the stamina for posting that is sadly lacking from … Continue reading

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CU71012A “Cultural Studies and Capitalism”

Hi – If you are coming to my course on Marx’s Capital in 2010 (starts Jan 14th), for the first lecture it would be helpful if you have seen, or again seen, Orson Welles’ film ‘Citizen Kane’. And if you … Continue reading

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The Internationale in its many varied forms. Many Languages, One Struggle – Workers of the World Unite. Nothing to lose but chains.

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The Very Idea of Communism.

I am posting here this Open Letter from Raymond Lotta of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA to the attendees of the upcoming Birkbeck ‘On the Idea of Communism’ conference (see here) because I really like the critique implied in the … Continue reading

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Vote Vote Vote

Its a long time since I looked at the blog stats for Trinketization, but I was provoked to do so by wordpress booster ad page’s calculated posting of words like ‘vote’ yesterday, no doubt catching plenty of traffic not looking … Continue reading

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