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Journalism of a type.

Some may think the quality of – ehem – journalism about the Maoist struggles in India is somewhat lacking in style. Others may think that this over-worked topic really pushed a writer to find a unique angle, a way in … Continue reading

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Godard "British Sounds" pt 1

You can find Jean-Luc Godard’s “British Sounds” in all its glory on You Tube now. It is worth watching all the way through (6 parts) – from the ‘petroleum of pop music’ and excerpts from the great Shiela Rowbothom to … Continue reading

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The Very Idea of Communism.

I am posting here this Open Letter from Raymond Lotta of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA to the attendees of the upcoming Birkbeck ‘On the Idea of Communism’ conference (see here) because I really like the critique implied in the … Continue reading

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Critique as Ideology: The Dissident Left and Maoists in India

A seminar organised by the Xenos Research Group, Department of Sociology, with the collaboration of the Centre for Postcolonial Studies, Department of Politics The first of two talks on communalism, secularism and the Left in India by Saroj Giri, Xenos … Continue reading

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Eyeballs on the Rats

I played guitar (somewhere between competent and bad) in the 1970s. King Rat, a band of mates I rehearsed a bit with, took their name from the 1962 James Clavell novel about the wartime Prison Camp called Changi in Singapore … Continue reading

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Sagarmatha (सगरमाथा)

Nepal election count as of 16 April 2008: Parties Seats won CPN (Maoists) 119 Nepali Congress 33 CPN (UML) 30 MJF 23 TMDP 7 NWPP 2 Janamorcha 1 Sadhbhawana (Mahato) 3 Independent 2 These results were taken from here And … Continue reading

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Nepal turning red via ballots not bullets?

Comrade Prachanda addressing a mass rally in Backtapur, outside Kathmandu, on March 12. Nepal’s general election is on 10th of April and is more important than the cobra-mongoose death embrace that is the election most people seem presently obsessed about … Continue reading

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