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Visiting Faraway: an installation by Geoff Weary at the Art Gallery of NSW

This one is really from the Vault. It was printed in the Melbourne art magazine Agenda, in about 1989 or so. The totally irrelevant picture I have chosen to illustrate this is not of Weary’s art, but since Man City beat the … Continue reading

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Another Asia: Rabindranath Tagore and Okakura Tenshin

I’ve not posted all that much of other people’s stuff lately, but I have been catching up on reading it. This short review of Rustom Bharucha’s Another Asia, by Shuddhabrata Sengupta, neatly conveys what is great about Rustom’s book. The review … Continue reading

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Kon Ichikawa

A place maker for a future review of Kon Ichikawa’s great funny poignant anti-imperialist film “A Billionaire”, as soon as I find a copy. We screened a series of his films at Goldsmiths two years back. The big famous ones … Continue reading

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Funuke domo kanashimi no Ai o Misero

AKA: Funuke, Show some love you losers! Its really hot (humid hot). What to do? Attack the cinema (joy of air-con in a big room). ‘Funuke domo kanashimi no Ai o Misero’ is at first sight a slender tale, yet … Continue reading

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Back in Tokyo. This time staying in Kamata, which is a sort of central urban junction town, hence interesting. Rows and rows of those little bars, sushi and sashimi shops, yakitori, izakaya (居酒屋) and yakiniku (焼肉) places to eat. Most … Continue reading

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Writing Controls

The beautiful arabesques of the writing of Raymond Roussel, still evident in translation, are most interesting as discipline (contrivance, organisation, code, device), and made all the more alluring by the discovery, in 1989, of a trunk full of manuscripts. I … Continue reading

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Nagoya-Bird&Rabbit-4-Tim Stelfox-Griffen

So I am posting these pics to Ellen, but they can also rest here for a while. Bird and Rabbit went to Japan. To Nagoya in fact. They came with me to give a talk at Nagoya City University – … Continue reading

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