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A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise by Richard Francis Burton

Note to self:  Four years before the “Indian Mutiny” (first all India war of Independence), Richard F Burton published “A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise”, writing: “The Sepoy has not learned to trust to his musket as a European soldier … Continue reading

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Crash Course in Australian 1970s music

First band I went to see was Skyhooks, though apparently I was taken to Sunbury Festival, but I do not remember (first international act I saw was Deep Purple, followed soon after by the Sweet). Anyway, Australia had some fine … Continue reading

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Coleridge invents trinketization

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was ahead of the game in so many ways.  His other work is of course crucial, stuff about an albatross, and the opening sequence to the newsreel section of Citizen Kane. A massive influence and to be … Continue reading

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Gore Vidal visit.

Oh oh, a post out of sequence (repel athq), but I am well impressed with octogenarian Gore Vidal’s current media blitz. South Bank Show, Hard Talk, the Guardian and the Hay Festival have all recently featured the sci-fi writing, historian, … Continue reading

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40 years ago today

Renegade Eye has posted a collection of vignettes from Nam to Yippie that deserve a look [then go fetch some stuff on Panthers and Naxalites – easy enough to find here and here] Wednesday, January 02, 2008 40 YEARS AGO … Continue reading

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Srebrenica by Ted/FDM

The ever insightful Ted Swedenburg does it well here: “One of the many fine songs on Fun’Da’Mental’s powerful 2006 release, All Is War: The Benefits of G-had, is “Srebrenica Massacre,” featuring vocals in Bosnian (a variety of Serbo-Croation, according to … Continue reading

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Free Stuff

CLICK Three free tracks from Fun Da Mental – as always uncompromising, provocative and sincere. 1.Happy to Be Clappy- exposing the deceit of the collaborators in current times and the consequences. 2. Darfur to Disneyland – Riyadh to Washington … Continue reading

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