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Dragnets of London

Dragnets of London (for Raul). John Hutnyk I was on my way home on the number 436 to Lewisham recently when a woman did something I thought was both impressive and unusual – she spoke out against the delay caused … Continue reading

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Save Goldsmiths Nursery

Reposted from: Closure makes no sense Below are the reasons for closure put forward by Goldsmiths’ Senior Management Team.  As we have challenged each one, they have simply produced another, showing the irrationality of their decision.  We demand that … Continue reading

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Still More Dragnets

Stopping to quiz yet another bus dragnet gang with a colleague, this time we are  referred immediately to the public relations London Transport operative ‘Dan’. This sort of discussion, reproduced below, has become a perverse kind of sport. I know it does … Continue reading

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Time Wasting = Money??

I went to a training session that was supposed to train me up on research grant account management this afternoon, advertised as compulsory for PIs (principal investigators). It was a crock. The system is hysterically named ‘Aggresso’. [there are little … Continue reading

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Borg USA

The winner of the design for the headquarters of “compelling all nations to adopt the bourgeois mode of production” is a thief. KieranTimberlake seems to have copied the idea for the building to house the London US Embassy directly from the lovable integrators of … Continue reading

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Amazon Ironies

Gffzzzzttttzzgg!, I bought Harvey’s Marx Prompter online (I know, I should’ve ordered it from a real bookshop, but I was in a hurry) and now I get some sort of unanticipated refund, just as I was rereading the section on … Continue reading

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Eleven theses on art and politics, #10 & #11 (not the last)

10. Repetitions as farce from the Brumaire. 20 years ago Rushdie was the part catalyst for an insurgent Muslim political articulation in Britain. Among the reasons why the threat to Rushdie was picked up so prominently – as a case … Continue reading

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