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11 theses on art and politics (#5,6,7)

[Thesis five, six and seven (of eleven)]: 5. Trinketization would be a diagnosis of limited responses to global reconfigurations of commodity fetishism, where affect and shopping disguise an unbroken deal with hierarchical social relations locked in, unchallenged. Where class/race/gender politics … Continue reading

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We will

I’m corresponding with a certain Jen O about her prospective PhD here: Her day job in marketing reminded me of an anecdote I’ve been meaning to post: There once was was a workshop once that was run by our marketing/consultancy … Continue reading

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The Observer of course slants the story the wrong way, always appearing to be news when it manages always to voice the ‘news’ of the ‘authorities’ (cops good; and its women and children over against ‘masked youth’ [see pic]). The … Continue reading

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Xmas Teaches Kids to Love Capitalism

The ideal Present has arrived. I rarely forward “Art” projects to lists, but since its the silly season and all things are excused in the interest of the ‘festival of teaching kids to love capitalism’, I though this would make … Continue reading

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Free Stuff

CLICK Three free tracks from Fun Da Mental – as always uncompromising, provocative and sincere. 1.Happy to Be Clappy- exposing the deceit of the collaborators in current times and the consequences. 2. Darfur to Disneyland – Riyadh to Washington … Continue reading

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Jesus Trinketizaton

This disturbingly interesting post is from youth worker Mark Oestreicher. The convolutions of owning and believing are curious indeed. I normally would not bother with god-botherin’ types, but this is almost authorization from above when he wants to get the … Continue reading

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one evening on a Melbourne side street there was a bloody foreigner… (though this is a bit of an in-joke … for an in-group of one)

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