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Browne's plans will drive whole fields of knowledge into decline

Letters Browne’s plans will drive whole fields of knowledge into decline The Guardian, Friday 22 October 2010 The Browne report on higher education funding and student finance is wide of the mark in every respect (Universities: Shock at big cuts in … Continue reading

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Higher Education Demo 10.11.10 – I think we'd do well to surround Westminster for a month and cut off supply.

For details of the Nov 10 demonstration on the Con-Dem Higher Education cuts see: And this letter below from Goldsmiths saying, pretty much, all out for the demonstration – the logistics of how to get the 6000 visitors to … Continue reading

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Just loving the anticipation as things heat up (notes for a critique of the Browne Review and an apocalyptic tone in advance of next week's rampage and doom)

The architecture of the university will become a market reorganised shelf by shelf upon the layout of the department or convenience store. Just by the check outs there will be chocolates and candy, children’s toys will be displayed at pram … Continue reading

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Methods and Ethnography

OK, asked for references twice in two days on the same thing, so started thinking what I might reread if I was going to think about methods and ethnography now: Mitchell Duneier, “Sidewalk” – a thoughtful study of magazine vendors … Continue reading

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Will pre course massive expansion be funded?

I haven’t been involved in this venture to offer year long fee paying access courses to potential international students. But still I am concerned as to how we can do this at Goldsmiths, how anyone could afford it, and when … Continue reading

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countermapping qmary project: flashymob

We would like to invite you to the next event of the countermapping qmary project: a game-playing flashmob and a meeting/discussion on Thursday 24 June Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus QMary 2pm: come and play the board game we … Continue reading

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Counter Mapping Queen Mary

Counter-Mapping QMary: the university and border technologies 13-24 May 2010, Queen Mary University, London To begin by asking <what is the university> requires an investigation of the function of the university not only as a knowledge factory but also as a … Continue reading

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