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Burning Books

In a commentary written not long before Derrida’s death, an elaboration of a keynote address he gave to a conference to inaugurate the Helene Cixous archive of the Bibliothéque Nationale, there is a definition of the library as a place … Continue reading

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This is for the very wonderful Camille and Nick: Derrida, in his last interview, added a parenthesis as the text was going to press: “I just mentioned ‘secularism’. Please allow me a long parenthesis here. It is not about the … Continue reading

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Megacity topic: Street.

Megacity topic: Street. I’ve just come back from the TCS workshop on Megacity – a volume of the TCS-NEP New Encyclopaedia Project… Megacity is a term for those urban conglomerations that – ill defined as yet – have about 10 … Continue reading

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Mind The Gap

I am always suspicious of travellers’ tales, especially those I’ve heard (or told) before. They get refined and streamlined, they come to resemble one’s own version of the Lonely Planet guidebook. Jacques Derrida knew this, commenting on travel narrative – … Continue reading

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closet cleaner – notes from the vault, circa 1988

In Brecht’s play The Life of Galileo, very early on in the piece, Galileo says: For two thousand years men have believed that the sun and all the stars of heaven revolve about them. The pope, the cardinals, the princes, … Continue reading

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Derrida's Lumps

These opening moves for a talk on Derrida for the Met, which I want to twist to a discussion of Marx’s Eighteenth Brumaire, Mao and Eldgridge Cleaver on the Lumpen – the rogues, the riff raff (voyous, translated as rogues … Continue reading

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Derrida by Night.

Abstract for a paper for London Met in December: Derrida by Night. In receipt of the Adorno prize in 2001, Jacques Derrida meditates on what Theodore Adorno had to say about dreams and violence (Derrida “Paper Machine”, 2001/2005:168) What might … Continue reading

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