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CCS PhD Seminar 2010-2011 (CCS only)

Centre for Cultural Studies PhD seminar 2010-2011 4 Oct – John Hutnyk – introductory and organizational discussion (no pre-reading) 11 Oct – John Hutnyk – Mussell: Three pages from “Social and Political Thought” Adorno: ‘What National Socialism Has Done to … Continue reading

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Working notes for a sci-fi novella (after accelerationism):

Working notes for a sci-fi novella (after accelerationism): Theme: The romanticism of those who would escape to a world without Skynet is Skynet’s greatest weapon. A boys-own fantasy for which foot-soldier anarcho-neo-cons are fully trained and computer literate, knowing the … Continue reading

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Recently, at the Centre for Cultural Studies

In June we hosted a hugely successful kind of double event, taking place in two locations London and Gothenberg, Sweden. The first part was a discussion of race and politics with keynote speakers Professors Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Fred Moten in conversation. … Continue reading

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Two Docs: Jeff Kinkle and Chin Fang Chang

All smiles at CCS as two more find their way to the bar. Super congratulations. Who is next?? . . . . . . . . And the line up for both the September and January ceremonies (depending on corrects/paperwork … Continue reading

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Will pre course massive expansion be funded?

I haven’t been involved in this venture to offer year long fee paying access courses to potential international students. But still I am concerned as to how we can do this at Goldsmiths, how anyone could afford it, and when … Continue reading

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Congratulations Dr Theresa Mikuriya

Passed into PhD-ness on this day. Examiners Peg Rawes and Scott McQuire. Heading to the Amersham now!

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Black Skin White Marx – 4 June 2010 Goldsmiths

*Black Skin White Marx?* Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies present a special intervention: Professor Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (University Professor and Director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University, USA) and Professor Fred Moten (Professor of English, Duke … Continue reading

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