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National Instruments

On the initiative of Moinak Biswas, Film Studies Jadavpur Uni, Kolkata, and with great input from Rosalind Morris, but initially inspired by the Preservation in Globalization workshop convened by Gayatri Spivak and Jorge Otero-Pailos, an interesting redevelopment seems possible. A disused factory site adjacent … Continue reading

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Visiting Faraway: an installation by Geoff Weary at the Art Gallery of NSW

This one is really from the Vault. It was printed in the Melbourne art magazine Agenda, in about 1989 or so. The totally irrelevant picture I have chosen to illustrate this is not of Weary’s art, but since Man City beat the … Continue reading

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Learn To Like It – archival 1990 ……………. . [click to enlarge]

From: John Hutnyk – Academic Director, Centre for Cultural Studies Work: Blog: Links: Events:

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Snd-ctrl 1995 – more from the vault

The Revolutionary Structure of Sound: experimental musings. Most popular music could hardly be described as revolutionary in the old (and still urgent) sense, yet to dismiss musical production and its associated pleasures as irrelevant to revolution would make for exceedingly … Continue reading

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Silence on Music and Politics. (thoughts to add to the word hoard)

Silence: on Music and Politics. thoughts to add to the word hoard, and for a Royal Holloway Talk given on thursday about Hip Hop in Europe, focussing on repetitions and the refusal of Paul Simon to give Fun^da^mental clearance to … Continue reading

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Communists have birthdays too……………… (even when the struggle is grim)

Imogen, you should definitely wake up today to check this out. Feb 21st is the anniversary of the publication of the Communist Manifesto, 158 years ago. (thanks Rana). Marx and Engels Internet Archive . Book changed the world, by the … Continue reading

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Tandana is an archive of anti-racist materials from the Asian Youth Movements of the UK. Its an historical archive developed by Anandi Ramamurthy with Heritage Lottery Funding. Its the best use of such funds I’ve seen – I mean compared … Continue reading

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