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Methods and Ethnography

OK, asked for references twice in two days on the same thing, so started thinking what I might reread if I was going to think about methods and ethnography now: Mitchell Duneier, “Sidewalk” – a thoughtful study of magazine vendors … Continue reading

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Avatar and Bougainville??

Avatar and Bougainville: A Parallel History? « Tubuans.

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requiem for ethnography

In the past I have called for a moratorium, but today wanted to list the things I thought were still useful, interesting or important in anthropology and ethnography now, even if contradictory: – a refusal to simply sit alone and panic … Continue reading

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Avatar Anthropology (at War)

And there I was thinking a sweet little love story between a couple of blue pixies on the Ewok planet might not be yet another Star Wares space parable of the pervasive militant fascism we cannot ever admit to having … Continue reading

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December 2009 in Kolkata

I am lucky enough to have been invited to go to Kolkata in December for a symposium on the “Cultural Politics of Preservation”, organised by Gayatri Spivak. Was asked today what I would present on. Gulp. I have no idea … Continue reading

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"funny how the 'trickle-down' is so much more effective when it's the redistribution of loss" -IT

Eating hot soup in my Taipei room at 5am, aircon and airlines contrived to make this visit feel like a crash landing, but the paper went well – I think, and I’m told – even if Andrew Strathern’s response spun … Continue reading

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Bakun and other damn floods

My friends at Suaram have been vigilant where no-one else has. I wrote on Bakun dam, resettlement and anthropological complicity in the journal Left Curve years ago (see link at the end of this post), and I remain interested in … Continue reading

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