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Barbaric Poetry – notes for later…

Theodore W. Adorno Quotation: “To write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric” (to 1969 Herbert Marcuse interview about Adorno) From the web site of Evelyn Wilcock,, accessed July 28, 2003 People who ask about Adorno want to know the … Continue reading

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Hektor Rottweiler Rethinks

Current of Music is a very important addition to Adorno’s bibliography. “Adorno mentions in a letter [to Rudolf Kolisch, 12 July 1940] that [for one of the sections of his planned book ‘Current of Music’] he planned to use an English translation … Continue reading

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11 theses on art and politics (#5,6,7)

[Thesis five, six and seven (of eleven)]: 5. Trinketization would be a diagnosis of limited responses to global reconfigurations of commodity fetishism, where affect and shopping disguise an unbroken deal with hierarchical social relations locked in, unchallenged. Where class/race/gender politics … Continue reading

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11 theses on art and politics…

(…continued – parts 2 & 3 – Part one was Do Bee Do Bee Doo: here). 2. The ‘secret omnipresence of resistance’ is Adorno’s enigmatic turn of phrase in The Culture Industry for a subtle judgement on art and politics. ‘It … Continue reading

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the perfect job

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Dear John

I like to get random mail. Here’s one just out of the post bag: Dear Professor Hutnyk, I’m doing a feature for the October edition of Museums Journal about live music in museums, and the fashion for getting rock and … Continue reading

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Adorno to Benjamin

The “Complete Correspondence of Benjamin and Adorno” (Polity 1999 or Surkamp 1994) is always a good read on a cold rainy [even snowing] day. Adorno to Benjamin: Teddy writes to Walter trying to wean him from his trinket mania, get … Continue reading

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