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Monday Night Cinema Typhoon at Goldsmiths


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Sonic Warfare

Steve Goodman’s book Sonic Warfare (2010) is full of interest and a vibrant new language for making sense of the sonic politics and affect – perhaps we should/must say attention – economies of contemporary capitalism. It also offers a useful … Continue reading

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Text for Sokari

Sokari Douglas Camp I am honoured to introduce this collection by Sokari Douglas Camp. Sokari’s sculptural works – made in metal but moving fabric – are like an analytical textbook that deals with contemporary issues while also offering a passionate … Continue reading

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Keep Calm talk at Kent – 4:

. Keep Calm and Carry On: Low Level Anxiety in World War Three London . – John Hutnyk . Video provocation – we will watch Sri Lankan Tamil rapper Mathangi Arulpragasam’s recent Romain Gavras-made video promo for her track ‘Born … Continue reading

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CCS PhD Seminar 2010-2011 (CCS only)

Centre for Cultural Studies PhD seminar 2010-2011 4 Oct – John Hutnyk – introductory and organizational discussion (no pre-reading) 11 Oct – John Hutnyk – Mussell: Three pages from “Social and Political Thought” Adorno: ‘What National Socialism Has Done to … Continue reading

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Lenin on Writing

I am against non-partisan writing, and, not altogether randomly, want to refer to Lenin to support this, where he writes: “Down with non-partisan writers. Down with literary supermen. Literature must become part of the common cause of the proletariat” (Lenin … Continue reading

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Marx on Writing

Marx, writing on the Paris Commune, singled out the writings of academic ‘gentlemen’: the working class can afford to smile at the course invective of the gentlemen’s gentlemen with the pen and inkhorn, and at the didactic patronage of well-wishing … Continue reading

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