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Nandita Dogra – postdoctoral researcher in CCS

The ‘Kingdom’ Strikes Twice- Double Whammy on Post-study Skilled Immigrants. by Nandita Dogra The Government of the United Kingdom expects a set of its immigrants already within UK to perform a special miracle – time travel. It has asked its … Continue reading

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Ben Rosenzweig Theory of the Offensive blog

International student struggles, or, Causes of the mediated processes of reproduction Reposted From Theory of the Offensive, by Ben Ross Anecdotal introduction A few months ago I was looking for a share-house room in Melbourne, where rents have gone up … Continue reading

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Enis Oktay – CCS PhD Candidate…

From Oncology to Pediatrics: The Infectious Border Economy and the Corporate Border Experience by Enis Oktay During the Border Infection event held at Goldsmiths on 22-24 March 2010,  we saw how the border, especially national borders were utilized as instruments … Continue reading

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Points-Based Immigration System in Context: 16 October 2010

Reminder: Points-Based Immigration System in Context: 16 October 2010 Points-Based Immigration System in Context: Research and Campaign Strategies 10am-6pm, Saturday 16 October 2010, University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1 This conference will present new research on issues related … Continue reading

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Ruined in Ladywell

Mourn for Adhesive Specialities. Most favourite architectural folly in Ladywell (and there are many). Where was Owen H when we needed him?

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ACCELERATIONISM: CCS Goldsmiths 14.9.2010

The Centre for Cultural Studies presents: ACCELERATIONISM But which is the revolutionary path? Is there one? – To withdraw from the world market, as Samir Amin advises Third World Countries to do, in a curious revival of the fascist “economic … Continue reading

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Recently, at the Centre for Cultural Studies

In June we hosted a hugely successful kind of double event, taking place in two locations London and Gothenberg, Sweden. The first part was a discussion of race and politics with keynote speakers Professors Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Fred Moten in conversation. … Continue reading

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