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Save Goldsmiths Nursery

Reposted from: Closure makes no sense Below are the reasons for closure put forward by Goldsmiths’ Senior Management Team.  As we have challenged each one, they have simply produced another, showing the irrationality of their decision.  We demand that … Continue reading

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Heidelberg Talk 6 August 2010

As part of the  workshop STEREOTYPING, DOMESTICATING ANDINVENTING POPULAR MUSICS IN/OF ASIA, a talk called: . “Stereotypes that Are Knocked Down just Get Up again: Music and Repetition in World War Three” by John Hutnyk . Stereotypes are nasty. Despite critique of the … Continue reading

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Mr Pip

Radio New Zealand, 26 July 2010 Hopes Mister Pip movie will be filmed on Bougainville Posted at 03:32 on 26 July, 2010 UTC An actor and dramatist in Papua New Guinea says many locals are hoping the film, Mister Pip, … Continue reading

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Points-Based Immigration System in Context: 16 October 2010

Points-Based Immigration System in Context: Research and Campaign Strategies 10am-6pm, Saturday 16 October 2010, University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1 This conference will present new research on issues related to the points-based immigration system (PBIS) as it affects … Continue reading

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Two Docs: Jeff Kinkle and Chin Fang Chang

All smiles at CCS as two more find their way to the bar. Super congratulations. Who is next?? . . . . . . . . And the line up for both the September and January ceremonies (depending on corrects/paperwork … Continue reading

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Still More Dragnets

Stopping to quiz yet another bus dragnet gang with a colleague, this time we are  referred immediately to the public relations London Transport operative ‘Dan’. This sort of discussion, reproduced below, has become a perverse kind of sport. I know it does … Continue reading

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Methods and Ethnography

OK, asked for references twice in two days on the same thing, so started thinking what I might reread if I was going to think about methods and ethnography now: Mitchell Duneier, “Sidewalk” – a thoughtful study of magazine vendors … Continue reading

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