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clandestino Border Reverb


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Counter Mapping Queen Mary

Counter-Mapping QMary: the university and border technologies 13-24 May 2010, Queen Mary University, London To begin by asking <what is the university> requires an investigation of the function of the university not only as a knowledge factory but also as a … Continue reading

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Border Patrols (redux)

The city is the border. Each time you wave away the Chinese DVD seller who approaches you in the pub; each time you glide past the Polish beer in the cornershop, choosing a stella or chardonnay instead; each time you … Continue reading

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Rally Against RIOTINTO in Sydney 20 May 2010

CHINA IS CRACKING DOWN ON PRIVATE SECTOR CORPORATE GREED AND CORRUPTION! IT’S TIME THAT HAPPENS HERE! . Rio Tinto’s obscenely rich bosses are notorious for attacking trade unions, trampling on Aboriginal rights and plundering the wealth of peoples in the “Third … Continue reading

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You Voted For Wider Streets.

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Gothenburg Border Reverb June 8-13 2010

BORDER REVERB @ Clandestino To challenge the (in)security and (in)sensibility of European immigration regimes, Clandestino Talks presents Border Reverb. Joining forces with the Creativity Beyond Borders Network from the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths University of London, Clandestino brings a … Continue reading

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