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Black Skin White Marx – 4 June 2010 Goldsmiths

*Black Skin White Marx?* Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies present a special intervention: Professor Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak (University Professor and Director of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University, USA) and Professor Fred Moten (Professor of English, Duke … Continue reading

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Time Wasting = Money??

I went to a training session that was supposed to train me up on research grant account management this afternoon, advertised as compulsory for PIs (principal investigators). It was a crock. The system is hysterically named ‘Aggresso’. [there are little … Continue reading

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Counter/Mapping QMary: the university and border technologies

To begin by asking <what is the university> requires an investigation of the function of the university not only as a knowledge factory but also as a border. Our investigation of what the university produces as knowledge, hierarchies and power … Continue reading

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Report from the Rio Tinto AGM in London on 15 April 2010 Panguna Mine, Bougainville Clive Porabou from Bougainville said that the company’s BCL subsidiary had caused massive destruction to land in Bougainville and its operations had led to a … Continue reading

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Gil Scott Heron gotta rethink

From Occupied Ramallah, 21 April 2010 The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) is gravely disappointed by the announcement that well-known, progressive artist Gil Scott-Heron is due to perform in Israel on May 25. We call upon Mr. … Continue reading

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UK Border Author-itybittyshitty

The new UK Points-Based Immigration scheme is – no surprise – a nasty headache, and the hoops to be jumped through for the privilege of being charged for higher education in the ever more depleted UK HE sector are just … Continue reading

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Border Next (Gothenburg 8-14 June 2010)

The Beyond Borders Network is a series of Workshops on Borders, though I note that the work involved in anticipation of the meetings themselves is perhaps as important as the meetings – certainly in terms of creative work it borders … Continue reading

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