This Much is True

demenezesI will be attending this important bit of theatre:

By Paul Unwin and Sarah Beck

On 22 July 2005 Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead by the Metropolitan Police at Stockwell tube station. It was a defining moment in London’s history yet too many questions are left unanswered.

Award-winning writer and director Paul Unwin’s (co-creator of Casualty and Holby City) and Sarah Beck’s play is a shocking, electrifying, insight into what really happened before, during and in the years following Jean Charles de Menezes’ death.

Weaving together new and personal testimonies from senior police officers including Andy Hayman (Metropolitan Police former head of counter terrorism), Brian Paddick, Jean’s family, his friends, the legal team (including Michael Mansfield QC), THIS MUCH IS TRUE brings the tragedy to the stage and reveals much that has never been said publicly before.

Cast: Amber Agar, Stefano Braschi, Alice Da Cunha, Gerald Kyd, Beatriz Romilly, Justine Waddell.

Directed by Tim Roseman with a multi award-winning creative team including Paul Wills, Mike Walker, Knifedge, Richard Howell and Daniel Pemberton.
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2 thoughts on “This Much is True

  1. I was unimpressed by this play which over dramatised a tragic story of mistaken identity. It glossed over the context and actions of Cmdr Cressdia Dick who was acting as Gold during the incident invoking the national Kratos protocol.

    Depicting Andy Hayman and other police as street boys made good was easy and lazy but nicely gave the story some us and them slant, not to mention a plumy Mansfield.

    The plethora of books and now this play will add to the fiction and facts of the case making it harder to assess the rights and wrongs of the matter.

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