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"Understanding Trafficking" a film by Ananya Chakraborti – Monday 16th November, 2009 Goldsmiths Cinema

UK screening of “Understanding Trafficking” plus Q&A with the director Ananya Chatterjee Chakraborti 6pm Monday 16th November, 2009 Goldsmiths Cinema (Richard Hoggart Building, New Cross, SE14) Legend goes, there is a magical line that Laxman drew around Sita, which no … Continue reading

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note to howard p

Do you know Joel Kovel’s wonderful book ‘Red Hunting in the Promised Land’? Excellent if you are writing on anti-red hysteria. Kovel was recently forced out of his job at Bard for writing a book on Israel/Palestine as single state. … Continue reading

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Film: To Gaza with Love

IndyMedia on Aki on Gaza: At this years London Anarchist Bookfair I grabbed Musician, Activist, Punk, Broadcaster and Musilim, Aki Nawaz who was there to introduce his film ‘To Gaza With Love’. He gave some tough critiques on the Anarchist … Continue reading

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Coleridge invents trinketization

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was ahead of the game in so many ways.  His other work is of course crucial, stuff about an albatross, and the opening sequence to the newsreel section of Citizen Kane. A massive influence and to be … Continue reading

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11 theses on art and politics #8 & #9

8. The cartoon is contained in the frame, and can safely say so much more because of that protection. Oftentimes what is illustrated in art and comedy can be far more critical than the editorials or headline ‘breaking news’. But … Continue reading

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December 2009 in Kolkata

I am lucky enough to have been invited to go to Kolkata in December for a symposium on the “Cultural Politics of Preservation”, organised by Gayatri Spivak. Was asked today what I would present on. Gulp. I have no idea … Continue reading

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Hektor Rottweiler Rethinks

Current of Music is a very important addition to Adorno’s bibliography. “Adorno mentions in a letter [to Rudolf Kolisch, 12 July 1940] that [for one of the sections of his planned book ‘Current of Music’] he planned to use an English translation … Continue reading

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