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films at Goldsmiths in Autumn term 2009


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離散與混雜 = Diaspora and Hybridity – now available in Chinese (unlike this blog). (and crikey, babel fish does a bad job of rendering the Chinese title – calling it  “Separate and promiscuous” ?? – but I expect babel hasn’t really got a … Continue reading

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Downloadable Texts

pdfs of articles by John Hutnyk here: – an article on Asian Communists in the UK from Social Identities ; a piece on Fun*Da*Mental from South Asian Popular Culture; The Chapatti Story from Contemporary South Asia; The Politics of Cats from Stimulus Respond; Culture from Theory … Continue reading

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Responses on -empyre- list

The reasons I am writing this might not make perfect sense without the full responses, which are on the empyre list and comments on the previous post here, but my return post was an attempt to clarify where questioned and engage where … Continue reading

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Empyre – extensions of the city discussion (border reprise)

I’ve been invited to participate in the Emyre mailing list discussion this week, so will cross post here. Already gone off piste I guess, but hey: Empyre is here. Thanks for the invitation to guest here. I wanted to start … Continue reading

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LDN-BRU – talk, 3rd October 2009

I am off to Brussels soon to speak about cities….

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Visiting Faraway: an installation by Geoff Weary at the Art Gallery of NSW

This one is really from the Vault. It was printed in the Melbourne art magazine Agenda, in about 1989 or so. The totally irrelevant picture I have chosen to illustrate this is not of Weary’s art, but since Man City beat the … Continue reading

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