Ten Years of the Centre for Cultural Studies

warsaw-varsovia-posterToday I was asked for a summary of things happening in CCS over the past year or so (our tenth year). Here are the highlights as I see them (please add anything I’ve missed, or links I did not have handy):

As part of our tenth year, Goldsmiths CCS:

– bombed Warsaw with poems – see here;

– with funding from the AHRC Beyond Text program we have challenged the routines of border thinking in CCS workshops in Berlin and soon Copenhagen (here);

– held a lively month long CCS internal debate on new directions in cultural studies/what is CCS – called ‘Attack the Headquarters’ (see here);

– welcomed Professor Stiegler’s appointment as visiting professor [and endured Professor Hutnyk’s inaugural lecture ‘Pantomime Terror’];

– enjoyed visits from scholars such as Professors Gayatri Spivak, Celeste Olalquiaga, Walter Mignolo;

– saw the launch of a new postgraduate run Cultural Studies ‘Nocturnal’ – a magazine a web precence that is fabulous – see “NYX, a Nocturnal” – issue three due soon.

– initiated an annual walk across London visiting sites associated with the German theorist and revolutionary thinker Karl Marx, called ‘The Marx Trot’, reaching from Highgate Cemetery to the bars of Tottenham Court Rd (see here);

– continued research work on economic flows in China (Prof Scott Lash has a major grant for work in China); we welcomed the publication of Jennifer Bajorek’s book ‘Counterfeit Capital: Poetic Labour and Revolutionary Irony’; we continued to be active in a number of social and political issues pertaining to cultural studies (Palestine solidarity, on immigration control and spurious visa restrictions, anti-racism and the G20 police crackdown…);

– ran four MA programs with good enrollments and attracted 13 new PhD students to our doctoral program, and more…. See HERE


About john hutnyk

Writer on culture, cities, diaspora, history, film, prisons, colonialism, education, Marxism. Studied and taught in Australia at Deakin and Melbourne Universities; and in the UK in Manchester University’s Institute for Creative and Cultural Research; before moving to Goldsmiths in 1998, and becoming Academic Director of the Centre for Cultural Studies in 2004-2014. Has held visiting researcher posts in Germany at the South Asia Institute and Institute fur Ethnologie at Heidelberg University, and Visiting Professor posts in InterCultural Studies at Nagoya City University Japan, Zeppelin University and Hamburg University, Germany, Sociology at Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, Turkey and at the Graduate institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. Immediate past adjunct Professor of RMIT University, Melbourne and GIAN Visiting Professor Jadavpur Uni Kolkata.
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  1. Magnolia says:

    And not forgetting, you became a Daddy.

    We were watching this in our digital media seminar and we though of you

    Viva la viva!

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