Bombing of Poems in Warsaw

IMG_2494A fantastic success and really an event. Congratulations to Casagrande and Cristobal. Almost all the pictures I took have people looking skyward as the poems fell from the helicopter, a slight breeze playing havoc with estimates as to where things might land, and then as the poem cards come within reach, its very comic to see people twisted about in spiral knots trying to catch them. Tripped myself up in the effort as well (though I think the quite hefty amount of vodka consumed while waiting might have had some impact. More provided at the after party may explain why this post is a whole day and a half after the event…) .

More to see soon, here.


3 thoughts on “Bombing of Poems in Warsaw

  1. An event indeed! The contorting, grasping, sharing bodies kind were the best reception for such a gift from the sky…

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