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What is Trinketization

For an explanation of Trinketization – never fully codified as yet – you might start with the following old posts: Mind Boggling Before the Letter Jesus Trinkets Plastic Stuff Kane’s Snowglobe Kuffiya Spotting Third World Tourism Communist Tat Vignettes And … Continue reading

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fragment on machines

A note to keep for later: our argument evaluates the idea that machines for generating meaning can be examined as rendering text or as points of access to a world beyond or before rendering. Placing a hand on the cave wall at … Continue reading

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Ten Years of the Centre for Cultural Studies

Today I was asked for a summary of things happening in CCS over the past year or so (our tenth year). Here are the highlights as I see them (please add anything I’ve missed, or links I did not have … Continue reading

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Border Documents

In “Sonic Border” (London Nov 2008) we explored the way sound crosses the border differently, provoking a rethink of the border’s location – not just in ports, and the authoritarian boot boys of the nation state, but between us all, … Continue reading

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Craftivist – Papered Parlour Event: 19 Sept 2009 COME ACROSS STITCH – Hannah Hull

Since one of my walls at home is adorned by work of this particular (and fab) artist, and that the venue – The Papered Parlour is very very cool, I of course think this is of interest and am happy … Continue reading

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Godard "British Sounds" pt 1

You can find Jean-Luc Godard’s “British Sounds” in all its glory on You Tube now. It is worth watching all the way through (6 parts) – from the ‘petroleum of pop music’ and excerpts from the great Shiela Rowbothom to … Continue reading

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Recycled: notes for Satanic Majesties Request paper

Recycled post: notes for Satanic Majesties Request paper October 23, 2006 ‘wa-what can a white boy do, but to sing for a rock and roll band?’ S. S. Sisodia, in Salman Rushdie’s politically incorrect Satanic Verses, stammers: “The trouble with … Continue reading

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