PALESTINE & US HEGEMONY 6pm 9th July 2009

IUPFP July 9th poster, finalExploring the achievements of resistance and discussing shifts in US foreign policy

6pm, Thursday July 9th Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Sq, London

Speakers: HIZBULLAH REPRESENTATIVE (video link from Lebanon); HAIFA ZANGANA (on Iraq); DR AZZAM TAMIMI (on Palestine); NADINE ROSA-ROSSO (from, on the role of the anti-imperialist movements in the West); DYAB ABOU JAHJAH (IUPFP International Director, video link from Lebanon); JOHN REES (from Stop the War, on the role of the anti-war movement);

Chair: Sukant Chandan (Chairman of the British section of the IUPFP)

Following from Obama’s historic speech in Cairo on June 5th, this meeting will discuss the following issues: * How has the Palestinian, Iraqi and Lebanese resistance impacted on US plans for world hegemony? * Is the US in strategic retreat? * What does the Obama phenomenon mean for the peoples of the South?

Organised by the British section of the International Union of Parliamentarians for Palestine