Walter Mignolo at Goldsmiths 5-3-09

walterEpistemic Disobedience and the Decolonial Option

A talk by Walter Mignolo Thursday 5 March 6pm, Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths

Walter Mignolo is a leading figure in Latin American Studies and Postcolonial Studies. He is the William H. Wannamaker Professor of Literature and Romance Studies and Director of the Center for Global Studies and the Humanities, at Duke University. Mignolo’s earlier work, published in Spanish, focuses on semiotics, discourse analysis and literary theory. Since the 1980s he has written extensively in English and Spanish on the invention of the Americas, the coloniality of knowledge, and the political, ethical and epistemological imperative to decolonise knowledge and knowledge production. His work, which has been translated to Portuguese, French and Russian, includes The Darker Side of the Renaissance (1994 and 2003, awarded the Katherine Kovacs Singer Prize from the MLA), Local Histories/Global Designs (2000) and The Idea of Latin America (2005, awarded the Frantz Fanon Prize from the Caribbean Philosophical Association.)

This event is hosted by the Centre for Postcolonial Studies and the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths.

For further information email: Sanjay Seth: s.seth[at]

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Free and all welcome.