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Academic Border Patrols

Since this topic came up in our CCS program monitoring (course review) session today, I think it would be useful for people to know that there is considerable opposition on campuses to involvement on the part of university staff in … Continue reading

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Shimla – July 14-15 2009

An abstract for a talk at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, ‘Television in India’ conference –  July 14-15 2009 – Shimla News Media or Politics Show: Terror Reporting and the Box. If a regional encounter with the apparatus of … Continue reading

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Salute Vera Lynn

My mother was pretty much an unreconstructed (though we made the effort) anglophile, despite having lived 54 of her 65 years in Australia, but for sure she would have been wholeheartedly supportive of Vera Lynn’s current dalliance with the legal … Continue reading

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Walter Mignolo at Goldsmiths 5-3-09

Epistemic Disobedience and the Decolonial Option A talk by Walter Mignolo Thursday 5 March 6pm, Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre, Goldsmiths Walter Mignolo is a leading figure in Latin American Studies and Postcolonial Studies. He is the William H. Wannamaker Professor … Continue reading

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Gaius and the Ten Hour Day

Laura and I finished our article on BSG – called ‘The Eighteenth Brumaire of Gaius Balthar’. We decided we have a whole other chapter on Gaius’s sex life, so we excised this bit. For the record: Robots are sexy – … Continue reading

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Goldsmiths occupied, twinned…

Goldsmiths Students Occupy Deptford Town Hall! The occupation comes after the college refused the provision of scholarship programmes for Palestinian students… Please offer messages of support or join the fray! Regards, Luke See a commentary here. And a first blog … Continue reading

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Retro music formation

I’ve been searching through the remnants of my old vinyl collection and my first records, including the classic ‘hooks album “Living in the Seventies”, whose lyrics, somewhat sadly, say it all. There were about a dozen bands I played in … Continue reading

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