Politics, Time and Theology 25.2.09

clockA Workshop on Giorgio Agamben’s ‘The Time That Remains’

Andrew Benjamin and Scott Lash.

Politics necessitates a thinking of the event; the event as a form of interruption that opens the space for another possibility. Equally politics brings with it questions of agency and subjectivity. The interconnection between the event and the subject continues to be expressed in terms of the relationship between universality and particularity. Contemporary philosophy continues to find resources that allow the issues raised by this complex of relations to be taken up in the theological writings of Paul.

Badiou, Derrida, Zizek, Taubes, Agamben amongst others have turned to Paul to continue to think through what might more generally be called a politics of time. The aim of this workshop will be to look in detail at one of these contemporary works, namely, Giorgio Agamben’s ‘The Time That Remains’ Stanford University Press (2005)

Event Information

Location: RHB Cinema, Goldsmiths
Cost: Free and all welcome
Website: Events at the Centre for Cultural Studies
Time: 25 February 2009, 15:00 – 17:00