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Gaza as Distraction

We cannot cannot cannot excuse them. But looking for distractions after several days of Gaza watching might be inevitable … Look what they done to the Dignity boat (from Al Jazeera). Was that meant to distract us from the atocities? … Continue reading

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Gaza by Ewa

In the days before blogs/trinkets I used to circulate reports from Palestine by a former student from Goldsmiths Ewa Jasiewicz.  Years later, but soon after Aki Nawaz (from FDM/Nation – logo adjacent, documentary film currently in production) had been on … Continue reading

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Fragments on Athens

I received lots of mail on Athens, and of course thought the xmas tree stuff was very seasonal. Ho Ho. The best detailed message (quoted below) came from a close friend whom I’d visited there years ago, en route to … Continue reading

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Education is not an unthinkable good.

Rewritten in Taipei: (conference and seminars great, city unseen because of flu, rest of the paper in due course): Education is not an unthinkable good. They have something of which they are very proud. They call it culture. It distinguishes … Continue reading

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New Schools for Old

I’m posting this for Imogen, among others…. Subject: Update on New School University sit-in/occupation going on — support needed! Solidarity statements can be sent to This from the New School in Exile Occupation 12:00 noon update, 12/18/08: Students … Continue reading

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"funny how the 'trickle-down' is so much more effective when it's the redistribution of loss" -IT

Eating hot soup in my Taipei room at 5am, aircon and airlines contrived to make this visit feel like a crash landing, but the paper went well – I think, and I’m told – even if Andrew Strathern’s response spun … Continue reading

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Jean Charles de Menezes

You can read the verdict and see the press conference by the family campaign on the website at the end of this press release: Press statement from the family: Friday, 12 December 2008 Press statement by the family of Jean … Continue reading

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