Russell Brand nazi boy

OK, it got rapidly silly but no-one should be surprised that the Russell Brand Jonathan Ross said-fucking-on-the-radio absolute pap story was manufactured to distract us. Distract us from the front page news obsession with ‘the’ crisis – which, I am so sorry to say, is not the end of the world everyone thinks – and if you find yourself afraid that things are suddenly falling apart, please consider Afghanistan for the last thirty years, life in Iraq, Palestine, Congo, Colombia, other global atrocities of capitalism, etc etc. In the meantime, lets not try to present this ‘radio event’ as the dreaded consequence of a – wait for it – scheming ‘situationalist’ comedian- as Russell was described tonight on Channel Four news – but rather take the opportunity to consider his excellent early work ripping into a foolish young Nazi. Maybe now that he has honourably resigned for offending Grangpa and that Georgina from that obscurely named band, he can get back to this kind of worthy journalism. Watch Russell among the Young Nazi’s here.

Russell’s New Cross heritage mentioned here. And he will be honoured as a pioneering sound performer at Sonic Border – details here.