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Guest Image by Shiva Sulla Quinseina

“this is a photo montage I made and that I would like to put on your blog (it is in tune with your paper I realize)” – Shiva Sulla Quinseina Advertisements

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Bill Burroughs applied…

‘Words of advice for young people’ is the refrain William Burroughs stamped on the album ‘Spare-ass Annie’ by the Disposable Heroes of Hip-Hoprisy. I cannot aspire to Uncle Bill’s lofty heights, but was very pleased to be asked to ‘spare … Continue reading

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Writing to Kiwi who is doing great work on Snoop and presenting soon in Oldenberg… Thinking about all the Celebrity literature that has emerged, and is pretty tame, in the last few years… Alongside the minor cults of celebrity in … Continue reading

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Burn Burn Photocopier

A guardedly polite letter from Lisa to the Reprographics Department of Goldies regarding our efforts to rid ourselves of the now Suicidal Copier, first mentioned here: Acquiring a new photocopier has really been a ridiculously lengthy and frustrating process. It … Continue reading

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Raja Petra Kamaruddin given two-year ISA detention order

Detention without trial, the Internal Security Act raises its very ugly head again in Malaysia.  GERAKAN MANSUHKAN ISA ISA Updates: 23 September 2008 Raja Petra Kamaruddin, editor of the popular political blog, Malaysia Today, today (23 September 2008) received a … Continue reading

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Prison Season – with Goldsmiths Strudents Union – Tuesdays October 2008 all welcome

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Dead technology

We’ve been trying for nearly three months to get the Reprographics section of Goldsmiths to remove a huge outmoded (and non-functioning) Xerox™ machine from the middle of our main office in CCS. Literally dozens of emails, visits, imploring calls and … Continue reading

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