Justice for Jean Charles

Greetings from London . It is sunny, and no doubt life is good, but today is the anniversary of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes – the Brazilian man killed by Police with a Dum Dum bullet to the head – 9 bullets – on the tube at Stockwell three years ago – killed ‘because’ he looked ‘like’ a suicide bomber and had been in a block of flats that were under surveillance… and still no cops punished for it (only a fine for ‘endangering the public’) … There will be a further inquest in September… I am trying to write on this, but the contrast between that horror of all that and Emile’s world is so vast its hard to measure the distance in words.

For a previous scrivening that should be gathered alongside those absurd t-shirt’s that warn us to “Mind the Gap”, see here.

A Metropolitan Police Authority report that came out on friday says the Police have been too slow to improve their surveillance techniques. That is pretty reassuring, huh? Another ‘Independent Police Complaints Division’ triumph – since this was their meagre recommendation ages ago. I agree with the new MPA report that the practice of officers writing up their notes together after a serious incident must end – police also write, we might note. But that this is one of the MPA’s major recommendations, according to Vikram Dodd in The Guardian (18/7/08), seems somewhat lame. This is not yet enough when those who should be held accountable have escaped – Cressida Dick, Commissioner Ian Blair, and the officers who fired on de Menezes – this sorry lot should be indited and tried forthwith before a People’s Tribunal.

Emile gurgles at the thought of that kind of justice. The world would be a better place.