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Snowy Mountains Scheme

The Snowy Mountains River (hydro-electricity) Scheme was a massive building project in the eastern areas of Australia in the 1950s/1960s which, along with steel/shipping projects like Port Kembla, employed my father and lots of other migrants to Australia – a … Continue reading

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Fire cleanses. Why wash? Because instead of clarifying matches, Boots, Tescos, Unilever, etc want to sell us soap. Because soap makes us clean. They say. Because cleanliness is next to the best way there is to sell more soap to … Continue reading

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Rock Against Racism

Closet Cleaner: I just thought I might post this in the run up to the 30th anniversary of RAR event next saturday [click here or on the picture]. This is an excerpt from my book Critique of Exotica (2000) – … Continue reading

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Sagarmatha (सगरमाथा)

Nepal election count as of 16 April 2008: Parties Seats won CPN (Maoists) 119 Nepali Congress 33 CPN (UML) 30 MJF 23 TMDP 7 NWPP 2 Janamorcha 1 Sadhbhawana (Mahato) 3 Independent 2 These results were taken from here And … Continue reading

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Away With All Gods

Bob Avakian has written the first book in years that makes me actually want to re-read the Bible, but this time as freaky horror show, weirded out fiction and gothic nightmare. Everyone should read Away With All Gods because it … Continue reading

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Attack the Headquarters

Rethinking CCS?? A message for Goldsmiths CCS students: In summer term at Goldsmiths we in CCS will have a series of workshops (three x 4 hours) at which some of the PhD students and staff of CCS will present 15 … Continue reading

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Journal of the moving image

You can find my tactless trashing of televisual tourism and our ‘national treasure’ Michael Palin in one of the issues of the Jadavpur Uni Film Studies journal that have just been put online . Thanks Abhijit Roy.   “Journal of … Continue reading

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