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Schematic/algebraic: Capital Finance sector alpha drone Service sector beta drone   Decline of manufacturing/ Export of manufacturing ‘creative’ economy/ New Imperialism   The finance and creative sector is not neutral/ …middle class and liberal-academic chatter provides an alibi/ … for … Continue reading

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Adorno to Benjamin

The “Complete Correspondence of Benjamin and Adorno” (Polity 1999 or Surkamp 1994) is always a good read on a cold rainy [even snowing] day. Adorno to Benjamin: Teddy writes to Walter trying to wean him from his trinket mania, get … Continue reading

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Siddown Siddown!

“Hey you, up the front, pull yer head in, your noggins’ in the way, I can’t see the action”. I have long been a fan of Owen Hattersley’s word and image hoard as found on “Sit Down Man Your a … Continue reading

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Frankenstein in Iraq

“wretch … it is well that you come here to whine over the desolation you have made. You throw a torch onto a pile of buildings, and when they are consumed, you sit among the ruins and lament the fall” … Continue reading

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Žižek sets his own curfews.

Slavoj Žižek has some funny ticks – I remember him taking three and a half minutes at the end of the Lenin and Philosophy conference in Essen (February 2001) telling us all there were only six minutes left for discussions … Continue reading

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Nepal turning red via ballots not bullets?

Comrade Prachanda addressing a mass rally in Backtapur, outside Kathmandu, on March 12. Nepal’s general election is on 10th of April and is more important than the cobra-mongoose death embrace that is the election most people seem presently obsessed about … Continue reading

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neighbours are there for each other

Gotta say that so far moving to the new house has been a joy. And my neighbours made it all the more wonderful when last night, before I could even get a free evening (because of Tara’s party – happy … Continue reading

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