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Trinketized Morality Fable

It is not a matter of essences or of reductions as such, but the pantomime and the morality tale, the melodrama and the anecdote, as ideological tricks and rhetoric, are condensations with a perverse intent. They reduce for sure, but … Continue reading

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Dragnet Goldsmiths

Another Dragnet tonight, this time directly outside Goldsmiths’ award winning Library (lovingly captured in its Lewisham Way facing facade here by my trusty SPV mobile device…) Transcribed below are brief conversations with the Police, asking the obvious questions, before the … Continue reading

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Manifesto for Thought-crimes.

Be ‘a’ creative, facilitate, synergize, even for autonomy, for enhancement capability, for institutionalization. They say everything is new, (out with the old) but everything is contract (same old same old) Be energized, Optimism of the will, post-humanize, Ontologize! White noise. … Continue reading

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Space Money

Given the current fiscal crisis and the nationalization of Northern Rock (and personally, our surprisingly pleasant treatment at the CO-OP Bank where we have shifted our accounts, this guide to alien cash exchange, while not exactly ‘Marxist’, is a handy … Continue reading

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Torture Taxi

I like the fact that Trever Paglen and A.C.Thompson write in such a clear forthright style in their book “Torture Taxi: On the trail of the CIA’s rendition flights” (2006 Melville House New Jersey). Classified as ‘current affairs/military history’, I … Continue reading

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photogenic coppers in Malaysia Scandal

SUARAM reports: “Ginie Lim Arrested, All Three Detainees Remanded for 3 DaysFollowing the arrest of Tian Chua and Jalaluddin Abdul Manap yesterday, 15 February 2008 after a submission of memorandum to the King calling for a Royal Commission on electoral … Continue reading

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Bougainville calling!

Here below is a little bit of madness from our friends in Bourgainville – or rather from the people at the National Business Review, so of course its mad, even if it turns out to be true. Call me. [I … Continue reading

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