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A guide on what to do in the event of the death of an asylum seeker

By IRR NEWS TEAM, 11:00am, 28 November 2007 — A guide on what to do in the event of the death of an asylum seeker has been published by the Institute of Race Relations. What to do in the event … Continue reading

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The Guevara Convention

Absolutely fantastic news – the Guevara Convention project (initial details were here) is now part reality – with two great tracks to listen to – so learn a little about brother Malcolm X and Harlem… he was pointing the way… … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Howard, TweedleRudd takes his place – eeew/New Leadershrimp.

After 11 long reactionary years, Johnny bye bye Howard’s concessions speach in the Austraian ‘election’ just now on SkyNews included a tribute to the First Australians and his recent ‘intervention’ – given the blunt racism of that intervention, this was … Continue reading

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Text message: what does Marx have to say about Jamie Oliver style school lunches?

At the beginning of chapter 16, more than half way through the first volume of Capital, Marx seems very often to be thinking of food. We have seen him worried about a coat, perhaps shivering in the reading room of … Continue reading

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Free Stuff

CLICK Three free tracks from Fun Da Mental – as always uncompromising, provocative and sincere. 1.Happy to Be Clappy- exposing the deceit of the collaborators in current times and the consequences. 2. Darfur to Disneyland – Riyadh to Washington … Continue reading

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Terrorvisionaries (part two)

A talk at Nottingham University Politics department last night gave me a chance to elaborate my worries over new media anthropology in South Asia, pantomime terror and the hanging channel – following on from the talks I’ve given about the … Continue reading

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Comrade Gaurav Speaks At Goldsmiths College In London

From WPRM “Professor John Hutnyk of the Goldsmiths College Centre for Culture Studies gave a brief introduction. Comrade Gaurav (C.P. Gajurel), who is in charge of the International Bureau of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)-CPN (M)-made an important speech … Continue reading

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