Mary and the Boy virus

I am supposed to be preparing a talk, but some tunes – na na na, na na, na nan na – you just cannot get out of your head. Having seen “Mary and the Boy” play their cover of the ‘Kellis’ Milkshake track live the other week (well sort of live, the track is slowed down to a death dirge, and there was a rabbit hole aspect where the rabbit was called k-), I’ve just not been able to get this ditty displaced from my frontals. I am not the only one afflicted I know, but even humming Beethoven’s pastoral symphony didn’t help as we are so adept at mixing these days that both tunes could merge into each other in a kind of perfect syncopation, and who knows what people thought as we walked down a street making noises that would bug most people (as they do me).

If anyone knew the lyrics of any of the other M&tB tracks, such as the one about that Laura trauma moment that Zizek speaks about, they’d have been fairly justified in crossing to t’other side of the road.

So listen to this aural virus. We saw Mary and the Boy at the Stimulus Respond ‘launch’. The third track here is Milkshake, the first is well rude.