Migrating University Goldsmiths to Gatwick

No Detention, No Deportation;
No Borders in Education:
Freedom of Movement for All

Migrating University, at Goldsmiths,
September 14-15th 2007;
From Goldsmiths to Gatwick.

General enthusiasm for this event is very high. A feeling of frustration, and therefore energy for exploring activist options, is strong on campus. This is the joint result of the ongoing managerialism that afflicts the ‘teaching factory’ at all levels, alongside the wider malaise of neo-liberal war-mongering imperialism/Border-ism evident in the current conjuncture, everywhere. The role of the university in relation to borders between people and knowledge, between different knowledges, between peoples, between students, between students who pay ‘overseas’ fees and those who pay too much (‘training’ for industrial gain, paid for by the student??) and the ever extended morale crush that afflicts staff… linked to the obsolescence of older ideas of ‘education’ in favour of opportunism and productivity… Exclusions and …racism, murder-death-kill… there is much good reason to explore these concerns in our workshop.

At the last meeting we had taken decisions on the date, timetable and format, five panels plus Battle of Lewisham Walk (met with them and agreed mutual co-ordination); prepared a preliminary blurb (now on CCS website [currently goldsmiths sites are down]), arranged to make a banner, booked a room, still in discussion with College over the marquee; organised with Joan Kelly to visit; linked with No Borders London and No Borders general.

Confirmed speakers so far include: Ken Fero (Injustice), David Graeber (activist anthrop), Ava Caradonna (sex worker education group), Susan Cueva (union), Sanjay Sharma (author of Multicultural Encounters), Hari Kunzru (novelist), Mao Mollona (anthropologist), Harmit Athwal (Inst Race Relations), Katherine Mann (musician), Paul Hendrich (Pirate dad) and Joan Kelly (artist).

Panels and format as it stands now [this draft is not yet confirmed]:

Migrating University – Goldsmiths 14-15 September 2007

Friday 14th September – venue room 150 and 137a Richard Hoggart Building

Room 150 RHB From 10am Tea/Coffee – welcome – stalls for No Borders Camp etc

Room 137a RHB
John Hutnyk (Goldsmiths) Introduction to the day
Camille Barbagallo (Goldsmiths) this meeting is to encourage attendance at No Borders Camp at Gatwick.

10.50 -12.55 – Panel #1 – The Teaching Factory (Chair: Leila)

Does a university education offer a passport to a world of opportunity?
Are the old exclusions of race, class, gender and ability fully redeemed by our policy initiatives and “inclusive” programs? Or is the new hierarchy a filtering mechanism promising precarious labour for some, security and success for others? While some may never question their right to access, do some have to fight to move at all and others struggle daily simply to pass or fail?
This panel asks if education is really a social good, a pass to freedom; or if it is rather a ticket to a new set of subjugations?

Ash Sharma (University of East London)
Massimo de Angelis (university of East london)
Paul Hendrich (Goldsmiths)

12.55-2.30pm – Picnic on Back Field/in tent or inside if rain. With Bolivian group (Emma)

2.30-4.00 – Panel #2 – Critical Pedagogy (Chair: Francisco)

Critical pedagogy (CP) questions the relationship between education and politics, between socio-political relations and pedagogical practices, in short: the correspondence between power hierarchies in the social world and the hierarchies that mark and define educational institutions at large. Moreover it challenges the ubiquitous desire of policy makers for a non-politicized, neutral educational context, free of all social and cultural conflict.

Sanjay Sharma (Brunel University) – author of (2007) “Multicultural Encounters”.
Glenn Rikowski (University of Northampton) – author of “The Battle in Seattle” (2001)
Tom Woodin (Institute of Education, University of London)
Patrick Ainley (University of Greenwich)

4.15-6.00 – Panel #3 – Organising in the Margins (Chair: Olivia)

Migration means traversing boundaries: between nations, between legality and illegality. This panel is about organising those in the seams and the struggles for justice for those who suffer or die in such gaps.

Ava Caradonna (Sex Workers’ Union)
What does it mean to organise the unorganisable? What does union organising mean to people who are not considered workers, or who don’t necessarily consider what they do ‘work’, ‘illegal’ or worthy of stigma? How do unions take seriously the need to organise migrants workers? How can unionism be done differently in this context? Ava Caradonna will discuss such questions and campaigns relating to them.

Susan Cueva (UNISON)
Is a life-long union activist in the Philippines and UK with experience of organising the invisible, from seafarers to street cleaners. Today’s talk includes information about UNISON campaigns seeking fair terms for migrant workers affected by swings in Home Office policy on work permits.

Ken Fero (Injustice)
A short, Youtube, version of Injustice – a film about the struggles for justice by the families of people who have died in police custody – and accompanying talk by the film’s maker.

6.15 – meeting upstairs in Goldsmiths Tavern about collective attendance at Gatwick.

7.00-9.00 Joan Marie Kelly (Singapore) for workshop upstairs in Tavern (drinks).

Topic: Foreign workers in Singapore and the use of art as contact and transformation

Saturday 15th September – Venue: Cinema Richard Hoggart Building.

From 10am Tea/Coffee – welcome – point to stalls for No Borders Camp etc

10.30-12.30. Panel #4 – Critical Practice Inside and Out (Chair: John)

It is believed there was once a time when the University was a place where there thrived a rampant intelligence that was preoccupied with something more than just cramming.

Hari Kunzru (Novelist – author of “My Revolutions” (2007)
David Graeber (Goldsmiths)
Mao Mollona (Goldsmiths)
Sukant Chandan (freelance journalist and political analyst)

1.00-2.30 Panel #5 – Local Checkpoints (Chair: Camille)

Harmit Athwal (Institute of Race Relations)
Katherine Mann (Musician)
Almir Koldzic (Refugee Week)

2.30 Quick lunch

3pm-6pm: “Battle of Lewisham commemorative walk”

– a walk along the route of the march/counter-protest against the NF in 1977, including people involved at the time. At present this will start from Clifton Rise, New Cross at 3. (info/liaison with Paul).

19-24 September O7 – No Borders Camp at Gatwick

From 19th to 24th September 07 we will gather at Gatwick Airport for the first
No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work together to try
and stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to
build up the fight against the system of migration controls.

Wednesday 19th
Arriving at Camp Site.
Thursday 20th
Workshops, Welcome-Event in Crawley.
Friday 21st
Workshops, Gathering at Lunar House, Croydon
Saturday 22nd
Workshops, Demonstration from Crawley town centre to Tinsley House Detention
Centre, next to the building site of Brook House (Background Info).
International day of Action.
Afternoon: International Forum.
Sunday 23rd
Workshops and Forum.
Monday 24th
End of the No Border Camp.

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  1. Göçen Üniversite: Goldsmiths’ten Gatwick’eAlıkonulup Nezaret Altına Alınmaya Hayır, Sınır Dışı Edilmeye Hayır;Eğitimde Sınırlara Hayır: Herkese Eşit ve Serbest Dolaşım Hakkı14-15 EylülGoldsmiths’te Göçen Üniversite;Goldsmiths’ten Gatwick’eBu etkinlik için destek ve beklenti düzeyi çok yüksek. Kampüste bir düş kırıklığı ve bıkkınlık havası hakim. Dolayısıyla aktivist olanakların araştırılması ve denenmesi icin büyük bir enerji potansiyeli var. Bu durum hem üniversite kurumunu her düzeyede bir “öğretim fabrikası” haline getirmeyi amaçlayan şirketvari yönetim anlayışının, hem de dünyanın her yerinde savaş tamtamları çalmakta olan neoliberal emperyalist düzenin getirdiği ve varolmak için ihtiyaç duyduğu sınırların ve bu sınırları koruyan anlayışın ortak bir sonucu. Üniversitenin sınırlara ilişkin oynadığı rollerden ve ürettiği sınırlardan bazıları şunlar: İnsanlar ve bilgi arasındaki sınırlar, çeşitli bilgiler arasındaki sınırlar , farklı arka planlardan gelen insanlar arasındaki sınırlar, öğrenciler arasındaki sınırlar, “deniz aşırı/yabancı” eğitim harcı ödemek zorunda olanlarla “yerli” ama yine de gereğinden fazla (endüstriyel kazanç amaçlı ve masrafları öğrenciler tarafından karşılanan eğitim??) harç ödemek zorunda olanlar arasındaki sınırlar…Ve tabii ki, öğretim elemanlarının moral ve motivasyonun gün geçtikçe daha çok ezilerek yok edilmesinde üniversitenin oynadığı rol…Bununla bağlantılı olarak eski “öğretim” ideallerinin fırsatçılık ve üretkenlik gibi değerler tarafından arka plana itilmesi, hatta rafa kaldırılması…Dışlamalar ve dışlanmalar…Irkçılık…Küresel öldür-katlet-parçala düzeni…Bizce bir araya gelip bu endişelerimizi paylaşmak ve yukarıda bahsi geçen sorunlara çözümler aramak için gereğinden de fazla sebep var. Yaptığımız son toplantıda etkinliğin tarihi, yeri, zamanı, ve programı hakkında kararlar aldık: Göçen Üniversite 5 ayrı panel ve “Lewisham Savaşı” yürüyüşünden oluşacak (bu yürüyüşü organize edecek olan insanlarla görüştük ve koordinasyon kararı aldık). Buna ek olarak kısa bir tanıtım yazısı taslağı hazırladık ve CCS’in internet sitesine koyduk; bir pankart hazırlamayı kararlaştırdık, gelecekteki toplantılar için bir oda ayırttık, arka yeşillikteki büyük çadırı kullanabilmek için üniversite yönetimiyle halen sürmekte olan pazarlığı başlattık, Joan Kelly’nin katılımını kesinleşirdik, No Borders Londra ve ana No Borders organizasyonlarıyla bağlantılar kurduk.Şu ana kadar etkinliğe katılımı kesinleşmiş kişiler şunlar: Ken Fero (Injustice filmi), David Graeber (activist, antropolog), Ava Caradonna (seks işçileri eğitim grubu), Susan Cueva (sendikacı), Sanjay Sharma (Multicultural Encounters adlı kitabın yazarı), Hari Kunzru (romancı), Mao Mollona (antropolog), Harmit Athwal (Institute of Race Relations), Katherine Mann (müzisyen), Paul Hendrich (korsan baba) ve Joan Kelly (sanatçı).Paneller ve program kesinleşmemiş haliyle aşağıdadır: 14 Eylül, Cuma10.15 – Açılış konuşması, bu toplantının Gatwick’te gerçekleşecek olan No Borders Kampı’na katılımı teşvik etmek amacıyla gerçekleştirildiğinin belirtilmesi – akşam yapılacak olan toplantının yer ve zamanının duyurulması.10.45-12.30 – 1. Panel – Açık üniversite, açık kaynak – (Brian)12.30-14.00 – Arka yeşillikte açık havada ya da yağmur durumunda çadırda piknik14.00-16.00 – 2. Panel – Radikal pedagoji/gayri-maddi emek – (Francisco)16.15-18.15 – 3. Panel – Seks işçileri için eğitim kampanyası, sendikalar, polis, “Injustice” filminin tanıtımı (Olivia)18.15 – Goldsmiths Tavern’ın üst katında Gatwick’teki kampa kollektif katılım hakkında toplantı 19.00-21.00 Singapur’dan Joan Kelly ile Goldsmiths Tavern’ın üst katında çalışma grubu (içki ve yemek).15 Eylül, Cumartesi10.15 – 2. gün açılışı10.30-12.30 – 4. Panel – Öğretim fabrikası/eleştiri/üniversite kurumunun kullanımı (John) 12.50-14.30 – 5. Panel – Yerel kampanyalar, LARAG, göç/alıkonulma/nezaret altına alınma, tutuklulara yardım (Cam)14.30 – Öğle yemeği15.00-18.00 – “Lewisham Savaşını” anma yürüyüşü: 1977’de National Front’a karşı gerçekleşen protesto mitinginin rotasında, o zaman mitinge katılmış kişiler eşliğinde yürüyüş. Başlangıç/buluşma noktası: Clifton Rise, New Cross. (ayrıntılı bilgi için Paul)Bir sonraki Göçen Üniversite organizasyon toplantısı 10 Eylül Pazartesi günü saat 16.00’da Goldsmiths Tavern’da gerçekleşecektir.

  2. Ni détention, ni expulsion;Pas de frontières dans l’éducation:Liberté de mouvement pour tous.Université Migrante, Goldsmiths, 14-15 septembre 2007 ;Goldsmiths vers Gatwick.Le camp No Borders à Gatwick (www.noborders.org.uk) offre àl’Université de Goldsmiths une opportunité rêvée pour rompre avec latorpeur londonienne et faire preuve de solidarité avec les personnesrécemment installées en Grande-Bretagne. Il s’agira aussi decondamner les politiques de droit d’asile et les pratiques dedétention mises en place par le gouvernement, tout en exposantl’hypocrisie d’un flux non régulé des capitaux qui contraste avecles restrictions réservée aux personnes par une forteresse raciste.Que Goldsmiths entre donc dans la danse.- Tente université, cours et ateliers sur la race, lamigration, le multiculturalisme, le genre et la sexualité, lesmédia, la culture, la littérature, le militantisme et l’éducation,etc.- Des enseignements pratiques et théoriques, délivrés par desprofesseurs de Goldsmiths et des invités internationaux, mais aussipar les membres de l’équipe, étudiants et diplômés sont lesbienvenus.- Une structure non-élitiste et démocratique, pas une usine àapprendre soumise aux rapports marchands.- Une alliance représentative et qui lutte, dans un milieuouvert à tous, pour l’éducation.- Pour un renouveau intellectuel, radical et critique, portépar les ressources expressives et créatives de(s) mouvement(s)populaire(s).

  3. 拘留・追放反対;教育における境界廃止:全ての人に移動の自由をワークショップ:移動する大学於ゴールドスミス・カレッジ2007年9月14-15日ゴールドスミスからガトウィックへ

  4. Keine Lager, keine Abschiebung,keine Bildungsgrenzen:Bewegungsfreiheit für alleMigrating University, am Goldsmiths,14.-15. September 2007Von Goldsmiths nach Gatwick

  5. Migrujacy UniwersytetZ Goldsmiths do GatwickPrzeciwko Zatrzymaniom, Przeciwko Deprotacjom, Przeciwko Granicom w Edukacji,Wolnosc Przemieszczania sie dla WszystkichMigrujacy UniwersytetOd 14go do 15go wrzesnia 2007Z Goldsmiths do GatwickOboz Bez Granic w Gatwick (www.noborders.org.uk) to swietna okazja dla GoldsmithsUniversity aby wybudzic sie ze spiacego Londynu i pokazac solidarnosc z nowymiprzybyszami do Wielkiej Brytanii, potepic rzadowe dzialania i rozporzadzenia dotyczaceuchodzctwa oraz uwidocznic hipokryzje nieuregulowanego przeplywu kapitalu orazrasistowskich ograniczen wzgledem ludzi.Tak wiec, Goldsmiths! Do boju!- uniwersytet namiotowy, kursy i szkolenia na tematy takie jak: rasa, migracje,wielokulturowosc, gender, media, kultura, literatura, muzyka, edukacja, dzialalnoscspoleczna i polityczna.- programy praktyczne i teoretyczne naucazne przez wykladowcow, pracownikow,absolwentow i uczniow Goldsmiths jak i zaproszonych gosci- demokratyczna i anty-elitystyczna organizacja administracyjna a nie dydaktycznafabryka o kapitalistycznym charakterze czyli nastawiona na zysk,- uczelnia otwarta dla wszystkich i walczaca o rownosc w edukacji- krytyczna, radykalna sanacje intelektualna opierajaca sie na kreatywnosci iekspresywnosci wynikajacej z wolnosci podrozy i przemieszczania sie.

  6. அடைத்து வைக்காதே!வெளியேற்றாதே! கல்விக்கு எல்லை இல்லை,அனைவருக்கும் நடமாடும் சுதந்திரம்!இடம் பெயரும் பல்கலைக்கழகம்,கொள்ட்ச்மித்ஸ்ஸில், ஸப்டம்பர் 14 மற்றும் 15கொள்ட்ச்மித்ஸ் முதல் கேட்விக் வறை

  7. Bez pritvora, bez protjerivanja;Bez granica u obrazovanju:Sloboda kretanja za sve Putujuce sveuciliste, na Goldsmithsu,14. i 15. rujna 2007;Od Goldsmithsa do Gatwicka.

  8. Walang detensyon,Walang deportasyon,Kalayaan mangibang-bayan para sa edukasyon,Kalyaan para sa lahat. ‘Migrating University’, sa Goldsmiths,September 14-15th 2007;Goldsmiths sa Gatwick.

  9. No a la privación de la libertad, no a las deportaciones;Contra las Fronteras en la Educación:Libertad de Movimiento para Todos¡De Goldsmiths a Gatwick!Los Campamento sin Fronteras tanto en Gatwick (www.noborders.org.uk) comoen la línea fronteriza entre México y Estados Unidos (Mexicali/Calexico),así como el ímpetu con que Gordon Brown quiere hacer del “problema de lamigración” uno de los principales caballitos de batalla en la próximacampaña electoral proveen la oportunidad perfecta para despertar a lacomunidad de Goldsmiths College del marasmo que distingue a la ciudad deLondres. Es el momento de mostrar nuestra solidaridad con los nuevoshabitantes del Reino Unido, a la vez de condenar, de la manera másenérgica, la política del gobierno laborista en materia de asilo ydetenciones de inmigrantes que a todas luces violan los más elementalesderechos humanos. Resulta indispensable desenmascarar la hipocresía de unaclase política que a la misma vez invita, obsequiosa, la llegada decapitales para deleite de sus corporaciones financieras y se empecina enmantener la pureza cultural y racial de su isla negando el libretransito de las personas.Es el momento de poner a Goldsmiths en movimiento-Universidad Nómada: cursos y talleres sobre temas de educación, raza,migraciones, genero, sexualidad, medios de comunicación, activismo-actividades culturales: música, literatura, artes visuales, danza-programas prácticos y teóricos de enseñanza gratuita, facilitados porprofesores de Goldsmiths y todos los académicos internacionalistas quequieran participar de esta iniciativa-Por una estructura anti-elitista y democrática en la educación. No a launiversidad que vende sus servicios según las normas del Mercado-Por un sindicato universitario abierto a todas y a todos-Por un renacer intelectual que encuentre su inspiración en la creatividadde recursos e ideas que distingue al (los) movimiento(s) popular(es) aescala del planeta

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