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What the Fuck is going on in Australia?

I keep getting asked to comment on what is going on in Australia, but my response is a) WHAT is going on in Australia? I mean, when TNT Magazine rang me to comment on whether I thought the British view … Continue reading

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University Out Of Focus

Closet cleaner – from “Think” – a Melbourne University Education Action Group paper in 1988. Youthful enthusiasms! “Forms of masking the minute moments of politics in this place: each time you accept the suggestions of institutional authority, however reasonable or … Continue reading

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There is nothing good to be said for where we are. All is destruction. Death and disaster. From the petty opportunism of rip offs and cheats, to the tragic death of the innocents and na├»ve. Teens killed on the city … Continue reading

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Sarawak Sights Rights and Might

Rio Tinto is raising money to buy Alcan (no debt crisis for the fat cats then), and there are rumblings about a plan to build a smelter in Sarawak, in conjunction with the chief minister of that jungle paradise (oops, … Continue reading

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Migrating University Goldsmiths to Gatwick

No Detention, No Deportation; No Borders in Education: Freedom of Movement for All Migrating University, at Goldsmiths, September 14-15th 2007; From Goldsmiths to Gatwick. General enthusiasm for this event is very high. A feeling of frustration, and therefore energy for … Continue reading

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Here is again the 1857 site, which now carries videos from the Manchester conference which are great – informative discussion of links between 1857 and imperialism today (oil, Iraq [EIC was in Basra from 1863], definition of terrorism, evaluations of … Continue reading

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Murder-death-kill on the TV news

In order to feed Goldsmiths people and enthusiasm into the No Borders Camp at Gatwick (19-24 Sept), we want to organise a workshop at Goldsmiths the weekend before, called Migrating University (14-15th Sept). It will include a session which will … Continue reading

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