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Black Hole

It is 250 years since the Battle of Plassey. Why this atrocity? One among many… And what did it leave us historically? Clive, then rampant, was later to top himself, devastated and doddering, back in England. But not before the … Continue reading

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A Radical Education.

Education is not a model good. I went to hear a pretty interesting discussion from Irit Rogoff, Florian Schneider and Kodwo Eshun as part of the build up to their Berlin Education Summit. There’s been quite a bit of chatter … Continue reading

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Amitava Kumar writes again

A new book – a novel! – by my good friend Amitava Kumar. Get it. Don’t delay. See here for reviews and so forth. Home Products February 2007 A film director asks Binod, who is a journalist in Bombay, to … Continue reading

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current mood: frowning at weekend's end.

Tell me why Bob-‘is this it’-Geldolf was on the FA cup TV coverage opening speeches thing? He’s a dancing fool and annoying to boot, plus his daughters apparently graced some fashion show at Goldsmiths last week. Charitable spawn. Give me … Continue reading

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Poignancy in Space

This post from Anti-Popper is brought forward to here to inaugurate a new series of ‘posts from the past’ – historical division – sci fi. Heh heh. The humanity of Adama and Jameson – is doggited. “Saturday 16 December 2006 … Continue reading

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resonance beyond text

Julian and I are clearly going mad. We sit in the pub after work for a pint and instead of watching football or something normal, we plan a response to the new Arts and Humanities Research Council plan to fund … Continue reading

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Show Trial Traffic

For an example of my getting miffed at lack of attention – see here And for an example of my getting too much attention, from racists, bigots, fools and looneys in rapid succession, see here. Ha ha ha. To a … Continue reading

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