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Mind Boggling Trinketization

Very occasionally (why?) I feel the need to restate why it is that I use the word trinketization to refer both to the dessication of all life to mere commodities, and as a word for a critique of the poverty … Continue reading

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Let Us Now Praise Lost Comrades

We were in New York for that first day, you lent me your copy of the Agee/Evans book, and we spent ages in the Revolution shop, then larked about outside the New School, saw a busker singing Guthrie songs in … Continue reading

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Do You Love Me?

This video posted on Hawgblawg by the always engaging Arkansasawian Ted Swedenburg deserves wider airing: Is this the best video clip of Arabic music ever? “Do You Love Me?”, from the Bendaly Family عائلة بندلي Kuwait, 1978.

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Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies

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The Politics of Cats.

Cat, n. Small mammal with an attitude problem. I imagine that cats are aphorists, composing dialectical koans and licking their whiskers at the elegance of their arabesques. Though I recognise that Adorno himself noted that aphorisms were not admissible in … Continue reading

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If you are in New York City this weekend (20/4/7-22/4/7) you can go see this ‘must see’ collection of films. If you are not able to attend, the texts are worth reading – collected below. Excellent. Emergences & EmergenciesNew British … Continue reading

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one evening on a Melbourne side street there was a bloody foreigner… (though this is a bit of an in-joke … for an in-group of one)

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