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Karachi Tram

The Karachi Tram, in Melbourne, was hilarious fun – especially all those people who got on during a monsoon-style downpour and were stunned (ecstatic, bemused, one even annoyed) to find chai and samosas served up, loud beats, dancing and a … Continue reading

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Click me crazy Lygon Street Limbo

I’ve been wondering a lot about how new media works. Partly this the consequence of trends in the Centre at Goldsmiths, where our recent hires have set a blistering pace in buzz, concepts, light and heat… academia more interesting than … Continue reading

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Sex Work Writing

Recently, discussions of sex work have been made interesting by activists, and made more urgent by bullshit immigration policies mixed with rabid liberal stupidities, sensationalism, cliche. So, I was reading this book – Bedanabala. Her Life. Her Times by Mahasweta … Continue reading

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Memory Games Spectacle: Bread&Circuses

The trick of today is media induced loss of short term memory. The relentlessly insipid everydayness of the news means that patterns of ideology are overlooked, dismissed as coincidence or conspiracy. The day after Lord Levy is arrested and the … Continue reading

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Nandigram and Cricket

Sorry to say that some cricket metaphors might be abused below – its time to resurrect the old colonial games-shames… Sports latest: West Bengal lal-rounder Buddhadeb Battarcharjee was implored to recognise that CPM was in serious strife over the ‘firings’ … Continue reading

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Terror as a State action. Contextualized ESRC Reprise/Response from an Unusually Quiet City

On that Terror Research Initiative from the ESRC. I just wrote in support of those Goldsmiths anthros that are preparing a critical response from across the college. I thought I would share my text since its a way to update … Continue reading

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Art in the Right Place?

This piece was written by Roh and published in the journal Left Curve Number 29, pages 120-121, 2005 Art in the Right Place? Rosie Wright ‘The conquest of the earth, which mostly means taking it away from those who have … Continue reading

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